The Top 7 Methods to Invest in Gold

1. Gold as a Material

You can trade in Gold in the form of a Gold futures contract, comparable to trading in real Gold since the buying and selling take place on the market and no actual delivery of the commodity is delivered. This is similar to trading in shares of a firm, which includes an exchange. Entities’ Demat accounts can be used to deal in gold. A reputable investing advisor can help you with Gold trading techniques supported by data.

2. Gold ETFs

A Gold ETF’s price reflects the cost of Gold on the multi-commodity exchange. Gold ETFs are exchange-specific derivative products with gold exchange rates as their underlying assets. Gold ETFs are kept in Demat accounts, just like shares, so there are no dangers associated with theft or break-in. Gold’s price fluctuation has an impact on the ETF. It is most suitable for those with the time and fundamental trading expertise. Additionally, it has brokerage and asset management costs.

3. Mutual Funds for Gold

On the other hand, gold funds invest in gold mining, bullion, and other associated businesses. They also put Silver, Platinum, and other valuable metals in the basket. A mutual fund manager typically manages the Gold fund on behalf of an asset management firm. These funds are not immediately impacted by changes in the price of gold and don’t need a Demat account. If you want to invest in gold funds, several SIP choices are accessible. The cost of managing the Gold funds is meager. They are most suitable for investors that plan to take calculated risks to get excellent returns.

4. Gold Jewelry

Indians take great pride in wearing gold jewelry. Even while owning gold jewelry has dangers linked to theft, break-ins, outmoded designs, etc., it is still one of the most famous ways to invest in gold. The most popular and riskiest way to invest in gold, particularly in India, is through gold jewelry.

5. The Gold Savings Plan

Most gold savings plans let you deposit a set sum of money every month for a predetermined time. You can purchase gold after the period equal to the value of your deposit plus a bonus sum, which is often the interest earned on the promises. All jewelers typically offer these kinds of programs. A user contributes a fixed amount to the program each month and receives an additional sum generally equal to the amount due each month.

6. State-issued gold bonds

SGBs, also known as sovereign gold bonds, are a way to own paper gold. The government is issuing these bonds. Occasionally, the government will offer a window for investors to purchase new SGBs. This typically occurs every two to three months and is open for roughly a week.

7. Electronic Gold

The newest type of popular gold right now is digital gold because it is so simple to obtain. A trader can now purchase gold bars and coins digitally online. Many online marketplaces sell digital gold. The user can buy and sell gold without physically retaining or owning it. If someone wants their gold in physical form, he can obtain it by paying a specified sum, typically used to cover the production costs.


Gold investment has its benefits and drawbacks, just like all other investments. You can never expect certain returns from an investment. Although gold has lower volatility than other investments, it has its risks. To gain an understanding of the risk you can accept in the market if you are new to investing, it is advised that you get your risk profile analyzed. To guide you get the most out of your investments, numerous licensed investment consultants can offer advice and manage your portfolios.